ReactiveUI v7.3.0 released

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Release Notes
Geoffrey Huntley

As part of this release we had 17 commits which resulted in 17 issues being closed.

All Platforms

  • #1325 fix: schedule output of ReactiveCommand.Execute
  • #1317 refactor: removed unused extension method and make class internal
  • #1306 refactor: use xunit IsType in unit tests

Xamarin Android

  • #1302 feature: improved exception message when there are multiple resource IDs with the same name

Xamarin Mac

  • #1259 bug: the assembly for Xamarin.Mac20 in the reactiveui-events NuGet package was not included


  • #1331 housekeeping: use for all communication
  • #1313 housekeeping: add table of contents with relative links
  • #1326 housekeeping: add backers and sponsors from Open Collective


  • #1323 chore: tidy up ReactiveCollectionMixin xml comments
  • #1322 chore: tidy up xml comments in PropertyBinding
  • #1321 chore: tidy up xml comments in OrderedComparer
  • #1320 chore: improved ObservedChangedMixin xml documentation
  • #1319 chore: tidy up XMLDOC in ObservableAsPropertyHelper
  • #1310 chore: tidy xml documentation for AutoPersistHelpers
  • #1308 chore: tidy xml comments in RegisterableInterfaces
  • #1307 chore: tidy up xml comment
  • #1309 chore: fix xml doc referencing type with generic arguments

Where to get it

You can download this release from