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There are three core ways to do bindings:

  • XAML {Binding blah} uses reflection based binding. It's fragile, magic strings, dymanic typed.

  • XAML {x:Bind blah} is strongly typed and does not use reflection.

  • RXUI whenactivated, uses reflection but your bindings are more cross-platform. If you keep your property names consistent between iOS Android and WPF/UWP then you'll be able to copy and pasta.

    moswald [1:58 AM] @onovotny: when doing your bindings, do they look like this? <TextBlock Text="{x:Bind ViewModel.SomeProperty}" />

    ​[1:58] the ViewModel. part looks weird

    onovotny [1:59 AM] yes

    ​[1:59] because the datacontext of x:Bind is always the page

    ​[1:59] for perf reasons

    ​[1:59] and type safety

    ​[2:00] DataContext is of type Object

    ​[2:00] so you can't get type safety by using it

    ​[2:00] most pages that I have will have a this.DataContextChanged += in the ctor

    ​[2:01] so that way when the datacontext changes it sets the strongly-typed ViewModel property

    ​[2:01] I'd think that IViewFor<T> would do good things for this

    ​[2:02] is CommandParameter supported better here?

    ​[2:02] I really missed that with the RxUI 6 commands

    moswald [2:03 AM] not sure yet

    ​[2:03] just now trying x:Bind with RxUI for the first time

    onovotny [2:03 AM] I know that ICommand uses them as Object but I'd be ok with an exception if the types mismatch

    moswald [2:03 AM] I'll look into it(edited)

    onovotny [2:03 AM] thx

    ​[2:04] for CommandParameter it'd be great if it worked for regular binding and x:Bind (shouldn't be any different code-wise)

    moswald [2:14 AM] ugh. have you used an IViewFor like this before?

    ​[2:15] because the bindings aren't working for me, and intellisense is saying "ambiguous reference" since there are two ViewModel properties

    ​[2:19] no, nvm, that's not it

    ​[2:19] intellisense didn't like it, but that wasn't my problem. just a regular typo :simple_smile:

    ​[2:23] @onovotny: oh even better: CommandParameter isn't just supported, it's now type-safe(edited)

    ​[2:24] and if specified, either with the RxCommand indicating it needs a parameter, ​_or_​ if CommandParameter is supplied but the RxCommand ​_doesn't_​ take a parameter, it will be a compile-time error

    onovotny [2:25 AM] Cool. That'd be a good documentation sample

    ​[2:26] Showing how a mistyped param is a compile time error