Xamarin Forms

In the app.xaml file register your viewmodels (If you want the viewmodel based navigation)

this.Router = new RoutingState();
Locator.CurrentMutable.RegisterConstant(this, typeof(IScreen));
Locator.CurrentMutable.Register(() => new LoginPage(), typeof(IViewFor<LoginViewModel>));
Locator.CurrentMutable.Register(() => new RegisterPage(), typeof(IViewFor<RegisterViewModel>));

Include the splat package for Locator (Service locator) class (https://github.com/paulcbetts/splat). To start the app and navigate to the default page login page in our case use the below code

this.Router.Navigate.Execute(new HomeViewModel());
MainPage = new RoutedViewHost();

You can implement logic here checking if the user has a valid token and may be navigate to the home page bypassing the login page. It could be a check with in the akavache storage for the presense of a token.

Below is the sample loginviewmodel

public LoginViewModel(IScreen screen = null)
    HostScreen = screen ?? Locator.Current.GetService<IScreen>();
    var canLogin = (this).WhenAnyValue(
      x => x.Email,
      x => x.Password,
      (em, pa) => 
          LoginError = "";
          return !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(em) &&

    this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.Email).Subscribe(n => user.username = n);
    this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.Password).Subscribe(p => user.password = p);

    Register = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(() => HostScreen.Router.Navigate.Execute(new RegSelectionViewModel()));

    Login = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask<object, LoginResponse>(
        async _ => 
          return await App.userManager.Login(user);
        }, canLogin);

    Login.IsExecuting.ToProperty(this, x => x.IsLoading, out _isLoading);

    this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.Login).Subscribe(response => 
            LoginError = response.error_description;

            if(response.access_token != null) 
                    Debug.WriteLine("From Blob--> " + x);
                    HostScreen.Router.NavigateAndReset.Execute(new HomeViewModel()).Subscribe();

In the above view model canLogin will listen to changes in the email and password fields and can enable the login command if the fields are not empty. One can even do a regex based email validation. One thing would be to bind this command to a login button inside your view like below

this.BindCommand(ViewModel, vm => vm.Login, v => v.loginButton) ;