Ryan:09:34 whenany -> OAPH is one of the most common patterns so maybe we talk about it more here? otherwise there's no dedicated section yet
Geoff:09:34 We should talk about OPAH here in detail and then OPAH again in detail in it's own section.
Geoff:09:34 Repetition is key in learning.
Geoff:09:34 Or maybe introduce OPAH here in WhenAny* then next section that follows is OPAH in detail.
Geoff:09:35 Repetition and slow introduction of concepts in sequential (logical) order.
Ryan:09:35 yeah
Ryan:09:35 like that
Geoff:09:36 Should the section be called ObservableAsPropertyHelper or ToProperty
Ryan:09:36 in the dedicated OAPH we can show chaining out of command results etc.
Geoff:09:36 I think ObservableAsPropertyHelper, ToProperty is covered in WhenAny
Ryan:09:36 hmmmmmm
Ryan:09:36 yeah
Ryan:09:36 toproperty is just one way to get an OAPH
Ryan:09:36 it might be the only _real_ way
Ryan:09:37 but i think the topic is OAPH yeah
Ryan:09:37 maybe it can be - OAPH (Derived properties) or something like that


  • OAPH is the foundation of a reactive application.