Want to see something done sooner? Speak with one of the maintainers and ask how you can help as the easiest way to influence the direction or have a feature implemented earlier is to make significant, high-quality contributions and if you so desire, become a project maintainer.


  • Host virtual meetups on a regular interval.
  • Improve quality of website documentation.
  • Reference sample applications for each platform
  • Add ReactiveUI to Microsoft Windows Template Studio
  • Global roadshow on reactive programming, the maintainers will present at your usergroup.
  • Improve contributor experience (pull-request reviews, issue triage, processes documented, work with visuals studio for mac product team and help them implement the features that are missing from their product)
  • Encourage users and contributors to pull-request the website docs / lift high quality discussions from Slack and turn them into documentation
  • Ship multiple releases without involvement of the core maintainers / reduce project bus factor
  • Grow +10 project maintainers by 1st January 2019