Commercial Support

Prompt, expert support

Save time and money with a direct line to the project developers. Ask development questions via email or a private support desk and get prompt answers from an expert.

Bug & security bulletins

Help ensure your application is secure and bug free with bug and security bulletins. You can specify email addresses within your organization and get up-to-date information about critical issues.

Nightly builds

Get access to features and bug fixes before the next release with access to nightly builds on a NuGet feed.

Hot fixes

Use ReactiveUI in production with confidence. A support contract provides a guaranteed hot fix response time for any bugs you encounter in production or development.

Code reviews & guidance

A support contract also provides time for architectural planning, Q&A, performance tuning and code reviews. Ensuring that you are using all of ReactiveUI's features to maximize your application's features and performance.

Upstream compatibility secured

Not only do we provide you with a 'hot-fix', but we’ll also make sure the fix is being merged upstream properly.

How can we help you?

You'll save time and money with a direct, private line to the project developers and at the same time will be supporting the open-source community by ensuring that ReactiveUI itself will remain open and well supported for the foreseeable future. Send us an email with your requirements for a confidential discussion.