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public class SearchViewModel : ReactiveObject, IRoutableViewHost
    public ReactiveList<SearchResults> SearchResults { get; set; }

    private string searchQuery;
    public string SearchQuery {
        get { return searchQuery; }
        set { this.RaiseAndSetIfChanged(ref searchQuery, value); }

    public ReactiveCommand<string, List<SearchResults>> Search { get; set; }

    public ISearchService SearchService { get; set; }

A Compelling Example

// Constructor
public SearchViewModel(ISearchService searchService = null)
    SearchService = searchService ?? Locator.Current.GetService<ISearchService>();

    // Here we're describing here, in a *declarative way*, the conditions in
    // which the Search command is enabled.  Now our Command IsEnabled is
    // perfectly efficient, because we're only updating the UI in the scenario
    // when it should change.
    var canSearch = this.WhenAny(x => x.SearchQuery, x => !String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x.Value));

    // ReactiveCommand has built-in support for background operations and
    // guarantees that this block will only run exactly once at a time, and
    // that the CanExecute will auto-disable and that property IsExecuting will
    // be set according whilst it is running.
    Search = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask<string, List<SearchResults>>(_ => 
        searchService.Search(this.SearchQuery), canSearch);

    // ReactiveCommands are themselves IObservables, whose value are the results
    // from the async method, guaranteed to arrive on the UI thread. We're going
    // to take the list of search results that the background operation loaded,
    // and them into our SearchResults.
    Search.Subscribe(results => {

    // ThrownExceptions is any exception thrown from the CreateAsyncTask piped
    // to this Observable. Subscribing to this allows you to handle errors on
    // the UI thread.
        .Subscribe(ex => {
            UserError.Throw("Potential Network Connectivity Error", ex);

    // Whenever the Search query changes, we're going to wait for one second
    // of "dead airtime", then automatically invoke the subscribe command.
    this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.SearchQuery)
        .Throttle(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), RxApp.MainThreadScheduler)

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