ReactiveUI Packages

ReactiveUI packages are now signed by the dotnet foundation. Only builds from their infrastructure carry this seal. ReactiveUI uses Azure Dev Ops for our CI pipeline.

Install Packages

Each platform has packages that extend the base ReactiveUI offerings for it's concerns. Installing the correct packages for the correct platform can be somewhat of a pain.

Target Platform Required ReactiveUI Packages Events Packages
Class library ReactiveUI None
Universal Windows Platform ReactiveUI ReactiveUI.Events
Windows Presentation Foundation ReactiveUI.WPF ReactiveUI.Events.WPF
Windows Forms ReactiveUI.WinForms ReactiveUI.Events.WinForms
Xamarin Forms ReactiveUI.XamForms ReactiveUI.Events.XamForms
Xamarin.iOS ReactiveUI ReactiveUI.Events
Xamarin.Android ReactiveUI.AndroidSupport ReactiveUI.Events
Xamarin.Mac ReactiveUI ReactiveUI.Events
AvaloniaUI Avalonia.ReactiveUI None
Unit testing library ReactiveUI.Testing None

Release Packages

ReactiveUI is published to when a release of the software is done.

  • ReactiveUI
    • ReactiveUI is the base package that has the base platform implementations.
  • ReactiveUI.Events
  • ReactiveUI.WinForms
  • ReactiveUI.WPF
    • ReactiveUI.WPF this package has ReactiveUI platform specific extensions for WPF
    • Reactiveui.Events.WPF this package provides Observable-based events API for WPF UI controls/eventhandlers.
  • ReactiveUI.XamForms
  • ReactiveUI.Fody
    • ReactiveUI.Fody this package is a Fody extension that will generate RaisePropertyChange notifications for properties and ObservableAsPropertyHelper properties.

Development Packages

Pre-release nuget packages are uploaded to the Reactive UI MyGet Feed. You can use this feed to access hotfixes before they are released and to help the maintainers verify resolution to issues.

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